Careers / Internship program

Experience to guide your future.

The internship program at Wilkins Miller provides young, aspiring financial professionals with first-hand experience in the world of accounting and financial consulting. We provide our interns with a foundation that will be valuable to their future careers and help them find the right positions, whether that’s with our team or another.

We offer year-round student administrative positions for underclassmen and high school level students. This allows students to learn more about the accounting field and assist with administrative tasks.

ACHIEVE Summer Leadership Seminar

The summer leadership seminar, “Achieve,” provides select accounting students the opportunity to engage and learn more about our team and gain insight into the accounting profession. Click here for more information.

Click here to apply to the 2024 Achieve Summer Leadership Seminar.

Internship Requirements:

• Candidate for a degree at a school of accountancy
• At least a Senior in good standing
• Must have completed Intermediate Acct I and II, and Tax
• Currently enrolled in their end‐semester course necessary for graduation or has graduated
• Have a cumulative overall and major GPA of 3.0
• Work an average of 30‐40 hours per week (approximately Feb 1 – Apr 15)

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Applying for the internship program

Wilkins Miller offers a select number of internships each spring. Find out more by emailing us with the button below.

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