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Update to Alabama Annual Report Filing Requirement

January 30, 2024


There is a new filing requirement for the Alabama Secretary of State Annual Report, affecting Alabama Corporations and S-Corporations.

Previously, the annual report was filed and paid in conjunction with the business privilege tax with the Alabama Department of Revenue. However, there has been a significant update, and starting this year, the Annual Report must be filed as a stand-alone form directly with the Alabama Secretary of State. This can be done either online through the Secretary of State website listed below or by utilizing the mail-in form.

Key Changes:

Filing Process: The Alabama Secretary of State Annual Report must now be submitted separately from the business privilege tax.

Filing Options: You have two options for filing the annual report:

  1. Online: Visit the Secretary of State website to complete the filing process online.
  2. Mail-in Form: Alternatively, you may choose to submit a physical form by mail.

Filing Fee: The filing fee remains unchanged at $10. There is a small fee for online payment.

Information needed to complete the form can be found by searching for your business on the secretary of state website. You can also view previously filed Annual Reports. When completing please make sure to use the Entity ID Number from the Secretary of State website NOT your EIN. The state will not be able to process your Annual Report without the Entity ID Number.

Important Dates:

Due Date: The Alabama Secretary of State Annual Report for the year 2024 is due by March 15th.

As always, please give us a call with any questions or issues or you need any assistance completing this new filing.