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The Benefits of Online Tax Payments and Accounts

February 29, 2024


Making federal and state tax payments online has become not just a convenience, but a smart choice in today’s environment. With persistent issues in mail delivery, even with certified mail, opting for online payments can spare you potential headaches.

Additionally, creating accounts with the IRS and the ALDOR allows for more accessibility, providing quick access to your payment history and other tax records.

For the IRS, online payments can be made effortlessly with or without an account through their secure portal.

Click the link below for a quick video tutorial for IRS online payments:

Federal Individual Tax Payments

The My Alabama Taxes platform offers quick payment options, allowing you to make quick transactions without an account or to unlock additional features by signing up HERE.

Click the links below for a quick video tutorial for each Alabama tax payment type:

Alabama Individual Tax Payments

Business Privilege Tax Payments

Pass-Through Entity Tax Payments

While traditional methods like mailing in checks still exist, the efficiency and security of online platforms make them a superior choice for many taxpayers.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Wilkins Miller advisor for personalized assistance.