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Employee Retention Credit

March 1, 2021


The Employee Retention Credit is a refundable payroll tax credit that is available to help businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This credit allows eligible businesses to pay less in payroll taxes.

If your business meets any of these tests below, it may qualify for a tax credit on its Form 941 payroll tax return.

• Was the business required to fully or partially suspend operations due to a COVID-19 government related order?

• Were 2020 2nd or 3rd quarter gross receipts 50% less than gross receipts in the same 2019 quarter?

• Were 2020 4th quarter gross receipts 20% less than gross receipts in 2019 4th quarter?

• Do you expect 2021 1st quarter gross receipts to be 20% less than gross receipts in the 2019 1st quarter?

If any of the tests apply, please contact your Wilkins Miller contact so that we can help. There may be other unique factors to consider.