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Remote Workforce Considerations

March 19, 2020


Is your business set up to provide remote access to employees should the need arise? The coronavirus pandemic has businesses being faced with exploring remote work options, so we’ve developed some questions to get you started.

Here are some items to consider as you prepare:

•  Have you met internally to discuss remote work readiness?
•  Who on your team already has remote capability and who does not?
•  Do you have a remote access policy and/or a confidentially agreement in place?
•  Have you done a stress test on your network to determine how many users your network can handle?
•  Are you able to access all essential software applications remotely?
•  Have you considered and prepared for remote work security threats?
•  Is your software/operating system current with the up to date required patches?
•  What are the remote work capabilities of your phone system and has it been tested?
•  Do you have the capability to teleconference with employees and customers? (the ability to have a team conference call and view materials together is critical)

Have additional questions? We can help! Please email us a or give us a call at 251.410.6600.