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Operating Systems Reaching End of Life

March 27, 2019


To help keep your network secure and up to date we recommend an inventory of your network server and workstation Windows Operating Systems. Below is a list of Operating Systems that will be reaching end of life on January 14, 2020.

Software effected
Windows 7 all versions
Windows 2008 server all versions

To check your software version, right click on my computer (or computer or this PC) and select properties. That will tell you what windows version is on that computer.

Definition of End of Life:
Software will no longer be sold or have any support such as updates supplied to the software. This includes necessary security updates to keep your network free of viruses, malware, ransomware, and any other malicious software.

If you do not update your software when it reaches the end of life your network will be at risk to cyber-attacks, your company could be viewed as non-compliant by its regulatory body or you could be considered out of compliance with your Cyber Liability insurance. Most importantly, no security software will keep your network secure if your operating system is not updated regularly.

Please contact Wilkins Miller Information Technologies to get a customized plan in place to keep your network as secure as possible.