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Meet our team: Sherri Wike

November 29, 2018


At Wilkins Miller, we know that our success comes from our employees’ unique abilities and personalities. Each month, we will give you a behind-the-scenes look at a member of our team. This month, we’ll introduce you to Sherri Wike. We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know what makes Sherri a great addition to our team.

Q: What do you do at Wilkins Miller?

At Wilkins Miller, I am the front desk! I greet the public, answer incoming calls, hand out tax packages, schedule client meetings and sometimes have time to help the billing department.

Q: What makes you good at your job?

I love everything I do at this job. And, what makes it even better is that all the people that work here are fabulous.

Q: What do you like most about Wilkins Miller?

I must say it is the people. They’re the greatest bunch of folks I have ever worked with (and I have been working for 47 years!).

Q: What is your favorite band/genre of music/artist?

My favorite type of music is the Blues! There’s something about listening to the Blues that makes you appreciate, not only the music, but the people who play it and their stories or reasons for their songs. Songs with harmonicas, saxophones and keyboards. Love it! Too many artists or bands to list!

Q: When not working, what do you enjoy?

Besides going to hear a good Blues Band, I love to play free Texas Hold’Em Poker. Since it is always free poker chips, the games are always friendly and fun. Oh, and I love Alabama Football!

Q: What is your favorite food?

I was born in Germany so I love German food. My mother, in her late 80’s, is still alive and cookin’ that German food for me 3 times a week when I go to see her. She loves it when any of our family comes to visit because they all love it too. We have all tried to make it like her but for some reason, hers is always better! I wonder why that is?

Q: What one thing would you take on a deserted island?


Q: What is your favorite quote? 

This must be spoken with a German accent: “Too soon vie get oldt, und too late vie get schmart.”

Q: What is an interesting fact about you?

Besides Alabama, I have lived in the States of Alaska, New Mexico, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, and Virginia. Also, I have lived in 3 different cities in Germany, including Karlsruhe, Heidelberg and Frankfurt, and I also lived in Paris, France for two years where one of my two sisters was born.

Q: What is your life goal/dream/aspiration?

I hope I get to retire soon enough to be able to get some “travel time” in before it’s too late! I want to take some cruises and I want to go back to Germany to see all my cousins again.