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Maximizing Retirement Savings with Multiple Employers

June 26, 2020


By: Wilkins Miller Wealth Management

Do you have multiple employers or have a single employer and self-employment income? You may be able to contribute significantly more than the annual limits towards retirement.

There is a possibility that some individuals are eligible to be covered by two plans.

Typically, they are either:

– an employee of two separate businesses (each of which provides a 401(k) or similar defined contribution plan)
– an employee of one business that provides such a plan and also has a side job that generates self-employment income and therefore allows them to setup their own employer retirement plan

There are two contribution limitations to consider:

– IRC Section 402(g) limits the employee pre-tax contribution. This salary deferral limit is per taxpayer across all DC plans. For 2020, this limit is $19,500 (w/ $6,500 catch-up).
– IRC Section 415(c) limits the total contributions, employee and employer. However, this limit applies to each plan separately. For 2020, this limit is $57,000 (the plans cannot be a part of a control group or an affiliated service group).

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