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Interviewing 101 with Partner Leigh Knosher

August 14, 2023


I joined the Wilkins Miller team in 2002 and have been involved on many fronts including the recruiting team. Interviewing has been a highlight for me because I have a genuine passion for connecting with others and learning their stories. There are several etiquettes that remain timelessly impactful in setting you apart from other candidates during interviews.

Things to remember before the interview:

  • Dress for success: Consider the dress code environment in which you are interviewing. At Wilkins Miller, we have a dress for your day policy which means we have some flexibility between business casual and professional dress each day. When in doubt, dress up rather than dressing down.
  • Be calm & confident: You are more likely to engage in meaningful conversations when you are calm and confident in a situation. A few suggestions I’ve heard over the years include doing the “superman pose” before an interview. This simple action triggers your brain to produce hormones that make you more confident.
  • Consider your body language: Active listening can be shown through simple nods, eye contact, and facial expressions. Eye contact is crucial to establish a connection and show you’re engaged. Use this non-verbal line of communication to your advantage.
  • Virtual interviews: Testing your technology before you start your virtual interview is very important. Some of us will assume since everything worked well last time, it will again this time. Updates happen regularly to keep your devices performing their best, but it doesn’t always consider your schedule. Be sure to log on early, test your equipment, adjust your lighting, and tidy up your background.


Interview tips:

  • Tell your story: This is your opportunity to expand beyond your resume and transcript. When you get to the interview stage, you’ve likely already given the employer your resume which gives you the chance to explain why your experiences matter to you and how they have shaped you. At Wilkins Miller we value who you are not just what you have done. For example, if you have customer service experience you have gained communication skills that can be transferred to a career in public accounting.
  • Be memorable: You want to stand out amongst the other candidates being interviewed and you can do so in many ways. Consider following the company on social media so you can reference specific events or accomplishments the company is proud to share. If you know who you are meeting with prior to arrival, check LinkedIn or the company website to learn more about your interviewer so you can find ways to make a personal connection.
  • Be prepared with questions: Asking questions after an interview can help you determine if the company is the right fit for you. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the culture and values to see if they align with what you’re looking for.
  • Follow up: Sending a hand written thank you note or email to those involved in your interview process can give bonus points after a successful interview. It’s great to be able to customize the notes with specific mentions from your conversations to show you were actively listening during the interview.