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Getting calls from the government? Think again…

October 7, 2019


Think you are getting calls from the government? Government entities will NEVER contact you via phone requesting payment or threatening your benefits.

The Alabama Securities Commission is offering these simple tips to avoid government phone scams:

1. If you do not recognize the number, do not pick up the phone.
2. If you pick up the phone and the caller claims to be from a government agency – hang up!
3. Government agencies will never call to threaten your benefits.
4. Government entities will never tell you to wire money, send cash or put money on a gift card.
5. Remember, fraudsters can disguise phone numbers to make it look like a call coming from your area code. Do not be fooled, let it ring.
6. An answering machine can be your best friend when calls come in.
7. Never give out your social security number, investment account numbers or your birthdate to the caller if they ask you in order to verify your identity.