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Determine your Personal Branding

January 19, 2024


Hey there, future accountants! You’re on the right path to being a successful business professional learning the fundamentals in school, but don’t underestimate the power behind building your personal brand and sharpening your soft skills. Let’s dive into some strategies and tips to help you stand out as you begin making connections with firms, you’re starting your career with!

Know Your Personal Brand

Think of your personal brand as your vibe – it’s all about how you come across to others. Here are some things to consider:

  • Social Media: Your online presence is your digital story. Keep it professional with your profiles, clear headshots, and content that you want future employers to see. Remember, once it’s posted, it’s out for everyone to see.
  • Your 30-Second Pitch: Create a quick highlight of what skills, goals, and experiences make you – you!

Make the Most of Your Connections

  • Building Your Network: Use LinkedIn to your advantage. Connect, engage, and learn from the professionals you connect with at recruiting events and club visits.
  • Engage: Ask questions, jot down notes, and shoot a thank-you message after a chat. Show you’re eager to learn and grow.

Understand the Importance of Leadership

Leadership skills like being accountable, handling feedback, managing time, bonding with colleagues, and having open communication are crucial for a successful career.

  • Be Highly Accountable: Check in on your goals regularly and set standards for yourself. Manage your lists to be able to meet the deadlines set.
  • Feedback: Don’t fear feedback; embrace it! Learn, adapt, and grow from what others say. It’s all about personal growth.
  • Time Management:  Plan ahead, set internal deadlines that keep your projects on track, be proactive and keep yourself on tasks by setting goals.
  • Team Bonding: Build trust and connections with your team. When asking any Wilkins Miller team member what their favorite thing is about working for the firm, we typically hear, “the people”. Creating a safe and welcoming work culture is one of many ways we stand out as a firm.
  • Open Communication: Be authentic, show empathy, and follow through. Great communication leads to trusting relationships.

Keep these tips in mind as you navigate the spring meet the firms’ events and other opportunities with future companies to put the best version of yourself out there. Remember, being authentic and knowing how to share why you would be a good fit for the company is the best way to make a great impression.