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Beware of Tax Scammers

We have continued to be informed of several instances of scam phone calls specifically targeting Alabama taxpayers. On these calls, the caller claims to be an employee of the Department of Revenue and informs the taxpayer that they need to pay an amount due immediately. 

Yesterday, Julie Magee, Commissioner of Revenue at the Alabama Department of Revenue issued a press release warning taxpayers that these calls have an area code from New York State and taxpayers should be aware of any phone calls coming from (607) 767-7109 or (607) 767-7132. The Alabama Department of Revenue usually communicates with taxpayers through written correspondence and taxpayers should not give out any personal information if they are contacted by these numbers. 

If you receive any suspicious phone calls similar to this, taxpayers are asked to contact the Alabama Department of Revenue at (334) 242-3012.

Please feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance to you.