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"Aside from their expertise, there is nothing more valuable than your CPA firm's availability and willingness to work with your staff on a daily basis."

Marl Cummings, III
Cummings & Associates, Inc.

Client Testimonials
Wilkins Miller Information Technologies LLC

"I have worked with Andy Odle for many years and depend on him to keep my office technology working and up to date. He is my "go to" person and he is always available to handle expertly any computer issue that arises. Recently, I have come to know Skip Nelson and he brings with him the knowledge and experience and he was immediately welcomed into our office family. I think very highly of both of these guys."


Barry A. Friedman

Barry A. Friedman & Associates, P.C.

"Andy Odle has worked with us as our IT person since 2007.  He has set up our technology needs at both office and home.  Our medical office needs required setting up the office computers, electronic medical records (emr) and phone systems and subsequently implementing a new emr system to replace the old.   Andy has continued to provide IT services as our medical practice has grown.  He continues to upgrade our IT needs as our emr company has updated the product and as we have needed to add additional computer stations, laptops and servers as well as dealing with acute problems on an immediate basis.

Andy has also overseen the setting up and maintenance of Mark’s law office IT needs.  Regarding our personal IT needs, Andy has served in a similar capacity by setting up our home computers and handling acute situations such as removing viruses from the computer and guidance with our personal IT challenges."

Mark & Regan Andrade

Fairhope Family Medicine

"We have been a client of Wilkins Miller IT for 8 or so years now and I have worked with Andy Odle for over twenty years.  I depend on him and Skip Nelson to keep my office technology in working order and current with the latest systems.  Andy and Skip have always gone out of their way to handle any computer or network issues that arise in a quick and timely manner.  They have helped me with many computer and network system upgrades and I am always impressed with their knowledge and abilities."

Jay Odom

First Mobile Title, Inc. 

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